Saddle Creek - Tennis Rules

Tennis Rules & Regulations

Only SCHOA Permanent and Guest Members and their visitors are allowed on the courts. All others will be asked to leave the courts.

Court Reservation

  • Courts may ONLY be reserved for 2 continuous hours at a time for casual play.   Members playing a match in an organized league may play until match completion and then promptly leave the courts.
  • If reserved by a member for more than 2 hours in any 1 day, there MUST be at least 2 hours between reservations.
  • All players must arrive NO LATER than 10 minutes after start of reserved time, otherwise waiting players may take the courts.


  • No Non-member Saddle Creek resident may use the courts - AS VISITOR OR OTHERWISE.
  • All visitors must be accompanied by a member or pro of SCHOA.
  • Local visitors may play on courts a maximum of 3 times per month, unless with a pro.
  • Out-of-town visitors (outside 25 mile radius) are welcome to use the facilities during their stay at a SCHOA member's home.
  • Members' family may play tennis when accompanied by a member.

Lessons & Clinics

  • All lessons and participation in tennis clinics must be arranged by the member or club pro.
  • Members are free to invite a pro other than the club pro for lessons, understanding that the member must be present during the lesson.  The pro can only be on the courts at the invitation of the member taking the lesson.  A member's visitor(s) may be included in these lessons.  Team coaching must be approved by the Tennis Director.
    • Court #4 on the Eastside, the Club Pro court, can be used for these lessons only, and only when the courts are not signed up (reserved) for the club pro.
    • Use of courts # 1-3 on the Eastside are given preference to team practices and/or lessons because of lighting.
    • A maximum of three courts on the Westside may be used for lessons at any time they are not signed up (reserved).   One court should always remain open for members’ casual, spontaneous play.
  • At the Westside courts, an outside tennis pro (ie: not the club pro) has priority and can schedule lessons as long as approved by our Tennis Director.   Payments to SCHOA for the privilege of utilizing our courts by an outside pro will be PER SEASON:
    • 1-2 courts, once a week $100.00; twice a week $200.00
    • 3 courts, once a week $150.00; twice a week $300.00


  • Only those with membership keys can access the courts.
  • Do not open gates for others nor ask others to do likewise.
  • Do not loan or attempt to duplicate your court key.
  • All gates must be closed and locked when leaving the courts.
  • All toilets and the Clubhouses must have lights turned off and doors locked if member is the last one there.


  • Please dispose of all debris (cans, cups, etc) in proper trash receptacles prior to leaving the courts.
  • Do not use poolside chairs/lounges at courtside.
  • Keep area clean around picnic and spectator areas.

Obscene, offensive or objectionable language should not be used while on the courtsViolators will be subject to removal from the courts.

Tennis Committee

By virtue of their positions as Team Captain on an organized and approved league, team captains of Saddle Creek teams are also members of the Saddle Creek Tennis Committee. Also, by virtue of his/her position as a team parent/manager, one of the junior team parents/managers shall also serve on the Tennis Committee. The SCHOA Saddle Creek Tennis Director shall chair the committee.

Rules & Regulations (League Matches)

  1. Only three (3) courts on both the Eastside and Westside may be reserved for home league matches. If, upon arrival for match play, a fourth court is available and remains unused or unreserved for a minimum of thirty (30) minutes, use of a fourth court is permitted, UNLESS THERE ARE MATCHES PLAYING ON BOTH EAST & WEST SIDES SIMULTANEOUSLY WHEN ONE COURT ON EACH SIDE MUST REMAIN AVAILABLE FOR MEMBERS’ CASUAL PLAY.
  2. Only two (2) courts on both the Eastside and Westside may be reserved for sanctioned league team practices as assigned by the Tennis Director.  Sanctioned practice times shall not exceed two (2) hours, nor run simultaneously.  If, upon arrival for practice a third court is available and remains unused or unreserved for a minimum of ten (10) minutes, use of a third court is permitted.
  3. Members with proper reservations for the courts have priority over all members who do not have reservations or who exceed their playing time.  Players must leave the court for anyone with a proper reservation.
  4. A captain for a sanctioned league team must be a SCHOA member.  This does not apply to co-captains.
  5. All team captains shall provide the Tennis Director with a copy of their team roster at least one week before league play begins. Team captains shall also provide a copy of their scheduled matches to the Tennis Director as soon as possible.
  6. Any team with non-eligible players (ie: non SCHOA member Saddle Creek resident or a non-paid seasonal player) will lose the privilege of team play at SCHOA for the next season that team would play.
  7. No new teams shall be formed under league programs before the Saddle Creek Tennis Director is advised. Failure to do so will result in the loss of the use of Saddle Creek courts for team practice/matches.
  8. Thirty (30) days prior to submitting rosters to leagues, the Captain will post information at the Eastside clubhouse bulletin board for members to contact who may wish to play on a league team.   The Tennis Director will also provide this information to the Saddle Creek Newsletter and web site for publication.

Team Practice Assigned Court Time

In order to be fair to all authorized tennis teams playing for SCHOA in selecting preferred practice times and locations, the Board of Directors voted to adopt the following policy(ies):

  1. Only tennis teams organized and approved to play by SCHOA will have access to courts for team practices.
  2. Practice times shall only be assigned and reserved by the Tennis Director upon request by the team captain.
  3. Times, dates and court selection for practice shall be assigned upon submission of a team roster and no requests will be considered prior to dates specified by the Tennis Director.
  4. The Tennis Director will specify and announce to all team captains the times and dates in which requests for courts may be submitted.
  5. All request for practice times will be granted on a first come, first serve basis upon receipt of a team roster. If no requests submitted, the Tennis Director will assign whatever time, day and courts may be available.
  6. Should the time and day assigned to any team be unacceptable or extremely inconvenient, the team captain may request a change (pending availability) or confer with another team upon notification of the Tennis Director.
  7. All team practice times and days will be reserved by the Tennis Director prior to the weekly posting of court reservation forms.
  8. Each team will be limited to two courts for practice sessions. In the event a third court is available upon arrival it may be utilized. However, if at anytime a member of SCHOA wishes to use the third court the team must immediately comply with the request.  No member of a scheduled team practice may reserve a third court during practice scheduled times.
  9. Formal practice sessions will not be permitted on Friday evenings, Saturday, or Sunday.   Teams may practice on these days using the regular reservation rules.
  10. Team scrimmages or round-robins must be scheduled at least one week in advance, and use no more than three courts simultaneously.

New Or Recognized Tennis Teams

The intent and purpose of this policy is to ensure that each and every member of SCHOA is afforded an opportunity to play on an organized league team approved by the SCHOA Board of Directors.

While the intent and purpose of this policy is not to restrict the movement of any individual member from one team to another, any movement from one team to another shall be accomplished through discussions with the individual player, team captains and consultation with the Tennis Director.  Any potential move that would impact the level of play for an individual team (eg: C-4 to C-l) must be accomplished in coordination with a majority vote of the team members affected.

Any member wishing to organize a new team to play for SCHOA must first consult with the Tennis Director and the captain will post an information sheet on the Eastside bulletin board 30 days prior to submitting a roster to the appropriate league.   Information also to be announced in SCHOA newsletter and on the website.

“Seasonal Players”

Definition: a non Saddle Creek resident and non SCHOA Guest Member.

The intent and purpose of this policy is to ensure that SCHOA members are able to organize a team for sanctioned league play approved by the SCHOA Board of Directors.

This policy, which was modified summer of 2004, is subject to constant evaluation and could be rescinded at any time.

  1. "Seasonal Players" can only attend scheduled team functions.  These individuals cannot use the tennis courts for casual play.
  2. SCHOA members will not be denied an opportunity to be on a roster because of the addition of "Seasonal Players."
  3. Fees for "Seasonal Players" are $30.00 per person, per season. This fee MUST be paid prior to the team’s first sanctioned match. Checks should be made out to SCHOA and it is the responsibility of the team captain to collect such fees.

The above rules shall apply season to season.