Volunteer Day Projects

Date - Time - Meeting Location

The volunteer day for 2019 is on April 27, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Rain-out date: May 4.

Meet at East (Pool) Clubhouse and West Clubhouse.

Please consider volunteering. We really need your help.


Dumpster Project (East Side & West Side)

We will have a dumpster the east side parking lot. We need volunteers for the following:

  • East Side - Provide wheelbarrows or carts to haul debris to dumpster
  • East Side - Carry scrap lumber and other items to the dumpster
  • East Side - Carry large concrete blocks (100-200 lbs) to the dumpster
  • Houze Rd (North East Entrance) - Transport limbs to the dumpster
  • West side - Transport tree limbs and other trash to the east side dumpster
  • Both sides - Provide chainsaws to trim and cut up limbs

West Side Projects

The goal is to bring the bocce court and horseshoe pits into a playable condition:

  • Tools: long handled hard rakes, hand rakes for removing plant growth, square edge shovel, small sledge hammer
  • remove plant growth on the bocce court and horseshoe pits
  • hard rake and level the playing bocce court surface
  • re-measure location and adjust the horseshoe pit post (next to bocce)
  • freshen up the sand in both pits

If you have a project to suggest or a preference for one of the projects above, please write to: landscape@saddle-creek.net. Thanks!

John Morris - Landscape Committee