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Realtor Information

IMPORTANT: Homeowners Association membership and all its responsibilities follow the lot. There is NO annual opt in/out to association membership.

Closing Letters for Member Homes

Please request closing letters from our Treasurer.

The following homes convert to Full Membership upon their sale.
Address Current Status Upon Sale
190 Saddle Creek Drive Convey Full
475 Saddle Horn Circle Convey Full
1030 Saddle Lake Court Associate Full
230 Saddle Horn Circle Associate Full
830 Saddle Ridge Trace Associate Full

NOTE:There is a $1,020.00 initiation fee upon the sale of a Saddle Creek Homeowners Association permanent member (Full or Associate) lot.


View information about Saddle Creek Homeowner's Association Membership.
Annual member dues (also called "annual assessment") is $680.00 for 2023. This can change annually.


The entrances of Saddle Creek are private property belonging to the HOA. We do not allow signs at our entrances or on our common property. Signs will be removed. The only two exceptions to this rule are allowed on the weekends and the placement of the sign must not be inside the planted area or flower beds. All exceptions must also meet the following:
  • Estate Sales - sign may be placed at the entrances on Friday, Saturday or Sunday. The sign must be removed as soon as the sale is over.
  • Homes for Sale/Open Houses - sign may be placed at the entrances on Saturday or Sunday. The sign must be removed before Monday. The sign must be a professional real estate sign. Real estate pointer or directional signs follow this rule.
For additional information on signage, please contact the Vice President.