Saddle Creek - Board Members and Committees

Board Members and Committee Leads


Bob Jackels

Vice President

David Rindt

Secretary & Treasurer

Sanjay Mundkur

Assistant Treasurer

Brad Scholl

Membership Director

Pamela Ellis

Member At Large

Nicole Schwartz

Member At Large

John Morris

Member At Large

Emily Adams

Member At Large

Summer Bolte


Social Committee

Summer Bolte (Lead), Alice Marsh, Vrinda Mundkur

Membership Committee

Pamela Ellis (Lead)

Tennis Committee

Ann Long (Lead)

Pool & Swim Team Committee

Nicole Schwartz (Lead)

Landscape Committee

John Morris (Lead)

Fix-It Committee



Lance Ledbetter

Website Committee

Sanjay Mundkur (Lead)


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SCHOA Board of Directors Statement of Vision, Mission and Goals


Saddle Creek as an active, friendly, family oriented community that keeps pace in a bustling Atlanta metropolitan area. A place where people want to live and be a part of a community.


It is the Mission of the Board of Directors to ensure the Vision by working in an atmosphere of stability, unity, cooperation and sound business and financial decisions. The Board will operate in the interest of Association members, uphold the bylaws and covenants, and solicit input through member surveys and votes.

Strategic Goals

  1. Redevelop, Improve and Maintain Association Properties

    To redevelop, improve and maintain Association properties for the enjoyment of the membership and to compliment and add value to each homeowners property.

  2. Maintain Fiscal Responsibility

    To increase revenue by increasing the number of members and maintain a responsible budget with adequate contingency reserves.

  3. Provide Recreational Opportunities for Members of All Ages

    To formally and informally determine the recreational interest of the membership and respond to those interests.

  4. Encourage Unity & Cooperation Within the Saddle Creek Community

    To commit to represent and encourage dialogue with all the members of the Association as well as the broader Saddle Creek community.

  5. Represent the Concerns of the Homeowners of Saddle Creek to the City of Roswell

    To voice the concerns of the members in discussion forums addressing the development of our immediate surrounding area of Roswell.