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Saddle Creek's 2014 Initiatives

2014 Strategic Initiatives

Informational Documents

Members are encouraged to read the documents below. The Q & A document is the best resource to turn to for answers to commonly asked questions.

  1. Q&A This 2014 document answers and explains why these initiatives are necessary!

  2. 2014 Annual Meeting Minutes

  3. Slides - Nov 17 2013 'Vision' Session

  4. Minutes - Jan 21 2014 General Session

  5. Initiatives Voting Fact Sheet

  6. Strategic Planning and Projects History (member login)


Consent Forms Used for Voting

Per Saddle Creek By-Laws: a member home/lot was allowed to submit only one vote per initiative.
  1. Consent Form - Amendment for Initiation (Transfer) two-thirds majority - PASSED

  2. Consent Form - Increase in Annual Dues (aka "Annual Assessment" in legalese) simple majority - PASSED

  3. Consent Form - Special Assessment for Pool Deck, Pool Plaster and West Courts Repair two-thirds majority - PASSED