Saddle Creek Covenants Summary

Please support efforts toward a nice, clean and tidy neighborhood. SCHOA requests homeowners to keep the curb clean in front of your house – i.e. edge when the grass is growing and clean up the street after recycling comes by to pick up your yard debris. Imagine how great everything would look if each one of us took just a little time to tidy up.

SCHOA Covenants

City of Roswell Code Enforcement

City of Roswell Code Enforcement Resource Page
City Code Enforcement Brochure (this link may change - please report if dead/broken)
City Code Online

Handling Complaints

For SCHOA Members, your Board handles all complaints against any neighbor, Member or not. Members can contact the Board ( and we‘ll follow up from there. So although non-members are not under the Saddle Creek covenants, City of Roswell ordinances apply to all resident homes!


NO overnight parking in any common area (swim or tennis) parking lots. Overnight parking on the streets is not permitted. Please put your vehicles in your garage or on your driveway and follow the City of Roswell Code below:

Parking on the Street - City Code Chapter 22.4.1
It shall be unlawful for any person to park or abandon a motor vehicle upon the streets of the city or upon the rights-of-way of the streets and allow said motor vehicle to remain parked or abandoned for more than ten (10) continuous hours.

Off-Street Parking in Residential Areas - Zoning Ordinance Chapter 17.3.2
In single-family residential zoning districts, parking in the front yard is allowed for each dwelling unit only within a hard-surfaced driveway (i.e., asphalt, concrete, gravel, or if approved by the City Engineer, a turf-reinforced driveway).

No parking shall be allowed in grass or lawn areas. The parking or storage of more than four vehicles at a single-family residence in a manner visible from the public street is unlawful.


Only realtors and estate sales are allowed to have a sign at the entrances and only on weekends. (NO business signs).

Did you know ...

  • Yard waste must stay in your yard and not be blown or discarded in the street.
  • Posting signs on the stop signs, speed limit signs, etc. is illegal and subject to fine by the City of Roswell. Since we have been working closely with code enforcement, they are often in the neighborhood. We‘ve asked them to be proactive here, so you may find yourself with a fine with the city should you post on their signs.
  • Unleashed dogs are unlawful and subject to fine. It is also against the law and SCHOA covenants not to clean up after them. Please be a responsible pet owner and a good neighbor and clean up after your pets
  • coyotes and fox are everywhere whether we see them or not. Please know that small animals are prey for these animals, especially cats.
  • we work closely with Roswell‘s code enforcement division to keep up our neighborhood's attractive appearance. Please take care of your home. For most of us, our home is our biggest investment. Don‘t be the one to take all of our property values down by not taking care of your own.