Saddle Creek - Clubhhouse East (Pool) Reservations

Eastside Pavilion Reservation Request

Your reservation will be pending until approved by the board. Once we confirm you are a Full Member of SCHOA, in good standing, with no open balances or violations, you will be asked to sign the the SCHOA Facilities Reservation Agreement and sent an invoice for a total of $330. Once you have paid, the reservation will be confirmed. More details here

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Reservation Instructions:
  • To create a new reservation request, please click on the New Reservation button.
  • When the form is open, please complete the details.
  • To Change or Cancel a reservation, please select the reservation from either the "My Reservations List" or by clicking on the appointment subject line in the calendar
  • You cannot make or edit a reservation in the past. You can only edit your own reservations.