Pool Rules and Regulations

Pool Guests

  • The pool is for the use of Saddle Creek HOA members and their guests.
  • A member must accompany all guests and member is responsible for guests.
  • Non-member residents of Saddle Creek CANNOT be admitted as guests.
  • Individual local guests are welcome a maximum of 3 times per month. 
  • Guests outside a 25 mile radius are welcome anytime while a guest at a member’s home and no fee is required.
  • No fee is required for family of members.

Children — Pool Use and Supervision

  • If you are under 14 years old and there is no lifeguard on duty, you cannot swim without adult (18 years or older) supervision.
  • If you are under 12 years old, you cannot swim without adult (18 years or older) supervision even if there is a lifeguard on duty.  
  • Babysitters (16 years or older) can qualify as adult supervision as long as a life guard is on duty, the child in question is at least 9 years old and can swim without individual flotation devices and the child’s parent or guardian writes a note that is provided to the lifeguard daily.
  • Parents, guardian and/or babysitters are responsible for children using the Kiddie pool.  Lifeguards DO NOT attend the Kiddie pool.
  • Children under age 6 must be accompanied by an adult to the restroom.
  • All children less than 4 years of age must wear swim diapers and vinyl pants/non disposable swim diaper under their bathing suits.   Disposable swim diapers should be changed every 1-2 hours.  SCHOA has authorized the pool management lifeguards to inquire/inspect regarding compliance. 

Safety Rules

  • NO SMOKING in or around the pool area, clubhouse or tennis areas.
  • NO GLASS inside pool area.  Violation is grounds for immediate suspension.
  • No furniture allowed within 4 feet of pool. Lifeguard must have access.
  • No sitting on both sides of steps. Everyone needs access.
  • No pets, other than canine assistants, are allowed inside the pool area.
  • No dunking or throwing anyone in the pool will be allowed.
  • No water guns / squirt guns, tennis balls, footballs allowed.
  • Soft sponge balls are allowed. 
  • No disruptive behavior will be allowed.
  • NO beach or flotation devices. Pool noodles are allowed.
  • No running or pushing will be allowed.
  • Individual radios are not allowed.  The clubhouse radio can be used by the lifeguard set to family appropriate music at levels that still enables swimmers to hear the lifeguard instructions. Use ear buds if you have an individual device.
  • The safety rope is off limits.  No sitting, jumping or standing on the safety rope will be allowed.
  • Diving will only be allowed in deep end of the pool.
  • No playing on the starting blocks.  They are for swim team use only.
  • No swimming with open or infected wounds, colds, inflamed eyes or skin disease will be allowed
  • No swimming during thunder or lightning.  Wait at least 30 minutes from the last observed thunder or lightning.


  • No glass, bottles or chinaware is allowed in or around the pool area.
  • Dispose of all cans, paper products, etc. in trash / recycling containers. All food and drink must be cleaned up when finished.
  • Food and drink is allowed only without glass containers (must keep distance of 15’ from the pool).
  • No grilling inside pool gates or near the entrance walkways.
  • Use of clubhouse is NOT permitted unless it is reserved within SCHOA scheduling rules.
  • Please lower table umbrellas when you are finished.  This prevents them from being caught by the wind and ruined.
  • Please use a towel on the pool furniture.


  • Any contamination incidents (feces, vomit, blood, etc.)  must be reported to the lifeguard immediately and everyone must get out of the water.
  • If a lifeguard is not on duty, a member should email the board immediately at bod@saddle-creek.net.
  • The pool will be closed for a minimum of 24 hours for cleaning. 
  • If the closure results in additional fees from the pool management company, the responsible SCHOA member may be fined.


  • All bicycles, mopeds, motorbikes, etc. MUST be parked in the parking lot.
  • No skates, skateboards, bicycles, etc. are allowed in pool area.
  • No bicycles or skateboards allowed on the porch of clubhouse or on the tennis courts.

Pool Parties

  • Board has to determine private usage for pool/clubhouse.

Swim Team

  • The pool will be closed to members during swim team practices and home swim-meets.
  • Swim team meet schedules will be posted outside the clubhouse and on the website.  

Suspension From Pool Area

Disciplinary action resulting in suspension from pool area shall include the following:

  • FIRST OFFENSE:       3 day suspension from pool area.
  • SECOND OFFENSE:  15 day suspension from pool area.  Violator and parent MUST meet with Pool Director and/or Saddle Creek HOA Board Member prior to re-admitting.
  • THIRD OFFENSE:       Suspension from pool area for remainder of season.

All members and their guests are subject to the attending pool service and Saddle Creek HOA rules and regulations.

All complaints, comments and/or suggestions concerning the pool staff should be directed to the pool director or Saddle Creek Board of Directors and NOT the lifeguards.


Revision: 4/11/2022